Basic Plus

$240.00 / month

+ Insurance Premium (as applicable)

Service Level A is a cyberlaw attorney and incident response team engagement that provides initial response, triage, planning, and immediate steps to advise the client how to respond to the attack pending insurance claim guidance from the cyber insurance company.  Clients not obtaining cyber insurance will be issued a service level agreement that defines the scope of service included in the selected service level.  


OnCall Cyber assembles the essential services that respond to a cyberattack.  The package of capabilities is available in several monthly subscription levels designed for small to medium businesses.

  • Subscribers receive initial advisory on cyber risk and an available, lawyer-reviewed Incident Response Plan.
  • Subscribers also benefit from OnCall Cyber’s utilization of an advanced security enclave called a Community of Trust™, whereby forensics and client data is secured and maintained in a national security-certified level of protection, backed by attorney-client confidentiality.  This assures greater protection from accidental data loss or regulatory or litigation related discovery. 
  • Subscribers obtain the confidence of knowing that when a cyberattack occurs, their on-guard, on-demand Cyber Crisis Team is a phone call away, as well as insurance coverage.  


Description of Service

OnCall Cyber is your Cyber Crisis Team: 

  1. A cyberlaw attorney who coordinates the incident response and incorporates the risk protections from this novel practice of law*; and,
  2. An incident response technical and forensics team that responds to the directions of counsel to implement incident response related to investigation and mitigations*.  Additionally,
  3. OnCall Cyber encourages purchase of cyber insurance, which is made available via the OnCall Cyber site.  The OnCall Cyber Crisis Team responds when a cyberattacker has attacked your business, and coordinates with the cyber insurance team pursuant to the terms of the insurance policy.  

Additional information

Service Level

Prepaid Cyber Crisis Team at Service Level A

Service level 2

Attorney-client relationship and on-call at Service Level A

Service level 3

Incident Response Preparation and Assessment with cyberlaw counsel

Service level 4

Incident Response Template

Service level 5

Initial consultation with legal team

Service level 6

Toll-free Incident Hotline