Data Breach Response and Investigative Services

An organization’s response to a data breach speaks volumes. Depending on the severity, it will be analyzed and scrutinized by many different parties including regulators, lawyers, management, customers, and other stakeholders. They will not only want to know how and why the breach occurred but also the steps that were taken to gather evidence, determine the scope, secure compromised systems, and notify those who were affected.

Responding to a Data Breach

Time is of the essence when responding to a data breach because every second counts when systems are compromised and a company’s reputation is on the line. Organizations in the midst of a data breach may be well-advised to seek the assistance of a trusted partner who has the tools, expertise, and responsiveness to investigate and contain the breach and implement safeguards to defend against another attack.

Data Breach Response & Prevention Services

Whether developing an incident response plan, investigating a breach, or securing your network, OnCall Cyber incident response experts have customized solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs. OnCall Cyber data breach response and prevention services can help with:

  • Breach Investigation – Reveal the facts surrounding a data breach and identify an appropriate plan of action.
  • Cybersecurity Assessment – Gain a detailed and thorough understanding of cybersecurity risks and remediation actions.
  • Policy Development – Create new policies or review / update current policies.
  • CSO On Demand – Arrange to get the expertise of a Chief Security Officer on demand.
  • Business Continuity – Develop contingency plans for continuing business operations if disaster strikes.
  • Penetration Testing – Identify internal and external vulnerabilities and threats.

For more information on data breach response & prevention solutions, please call OnCall Cyber at 303.693.6000.

Subscribe Your Business

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