Prepare for a cyber attack with a compiled OnCall Cyber Subscription Service

Cyber Law

Cyber law is a new practice of law that requires specialized know-how and experience.  Expertise in cyber law is pivotal to incident response! Legal exposure and brand protection are the two overarching concerns businesses face after experiencing a cyberattack. OnCall Cyber™ relies upon The CyberJuristNetwork™ for cyber law breach coaching.

Cyber Insurance

The cyber threats faced by all types of companies in today’s digital environment can be devastating.  Our industry leading and affordable insurance policy covers first and third-party cyber-related threats and expenses including data breaches, legal defense costs, notification costs, and system disruption and addresses nearly every aspect of a company’s total cyber exposure.

Incident Response

Bring in a team experienced in digital forensics and incident response to investigate, contain and remediate a data breach. Ready at a moment’s notice, our experts will forensically preserve evidence and perform an analysis in our secure sandbox environment to uncover important facts regarding the incident.

On Call to Discuss Subscription Levels

For as low as $250 per month you can harden your business’ cyber risk with a bundled OnCall Cyber subscription service that includes: Cyber Legal representation with attorney / client privilege, Cyber Insurance, and an Incident Response Team… On guard. On demand. Get in touch for a no obligation, free consultation with an on call Paralegal, to discuss our affordable subscription levels.

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